At lab 1891 we have realized a dynamic and eager team to help healthcare organizations and companies to build Solutions that will be part of tomorrow’s healthcare foundation.

Joep Boesten

Joep is Associate Director Digital at MSD. Joep is responsible for connecting the world to Lab1891. Health innovations require demonstration of their added value which takes time and is often accompanied by risky investments. Lab 1891 should bring change, because even the smallest change can have a big impact on somebody’s life. Joep is a health scientist with a passion for digital innovation who likes to wonder around in his spare time.

Frederik van der Heijden

Frederik is Director Digital Marketing, Commercial Innovation & Operations at MSD. In his role Frederik and his team develop Solutions that meet customer needs, with the ultimate purpose of adding measurable economic or social value. Lab1891 is the door to open-innovation where all stakeholders add value with the purpose of improving patient care. In his spare time Frederik builds entrepreneurial concepts

Dr. Jan-Jaap Verhoef

Jan-Jaap is the Lab1891 Lead and is responsible for execution of the program. Being a health care entrepreneur, Jan-Jaap knows that it requires deep understanding of the complex health system, sufficient resources and the best possible team to realize innovation. The open-innovation structure at Lab1891 will be all this. By bringing together the essential stakeholders and resources, Lab1891 will provide all the ingredients for successful experiments.

Claudia Wieringa

As the Customer Solution manager at MSD, Claudia is responsible for the clinical implementation of Solutions. She is a medical biologist by training and has been working at MSD since 2001. Claudia is excited to develop products and services that enable new ways to organize and optimize healthcare as well as how organizations can embrace the opportunities of innovation. In her spare time Claudia is an active member of the board of her field hockey society.