Developed by:

Pharmacy+ was a co-creation between the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) and MSD. The problem was identified between by the UMCG and MSD who then identified a supplier to develop the technology. MSD went into an agreement to distribute the Solution to different pharmacies.

What was the cause:

MSD has started a pilot in the UMCG to draw up an inventory of what could be the added value of using “2D serialization” on the internal stock management system of the outpatients’ pharmacy. It may be possible to use 2D coding on packaging to optimize the internal process around inventory management.

What was the purpose:

The main purpose was to significantly reduce inventory costs without compromising delivery obligations. With this pilot, MSD provides the hospital with the opportunity to be the first hospital in the Netherlands to be experienced in the soon to be legally compulsory serialization.

Which solution was developed:

A way of scanning that provides multiple benefits in the traceability, quality and control of counterfeit medicines. Patients, hospitals and pharmacists benefit from all this. Better inventory management can ensure that medications are always available for people and that patients do not need to go back to the hospital to collect medication.

In addition, it is automatically ordered based on current stock. That prevents expensive medicines being ‘on the shelf’ unnecessarily. Also, pharmacies will always have real-time current stock on hand and can deliver what they promise.