Past experiences

Click the logos below to read about the ventures we have supported.


Scinvivo is a MedTech startup on a mission to enable optical biopsy for bladder cancer diagnostics. We develop imaging catheters based on optical cohorence tomography (OCT) that helps the urologist to more easily distinguish malignant (cancerous) tissue from benign (healthy) tissue, by showing the structural differences inside the bladder wall at an almost microscopic level. This way, we expect to reduce these unnecessary surgeries by 5-10 times.

“Knowing that our technology can help reduce patient suffering is what gives us the energy to do our work every day.”


MLA Diagnostics (MLA Dx) is a oncology-focused molecular diagnostics development company. MLA Dx works on epigenetic (DNA methylation) markers and aims to disrupt the pathology lab with new advanced molecular tests for example for evaluation (prognosis) of early-stage melanomas.

“MLA Dx has identified a clear market need in melanoma that needs to be addressed and has found the tool to do so. We aim to have a positive impact on the healthcare system in general and in particular to make a difference for melanoma patients.”


Physical inactivity is an urgent topic in health care institutions. The physical environment is sober and not stimulating to get active. As a result patients spend the majority of the day lying in bed leading to unnecessary loss of physical fitness and a higher risk of medical complications. We create Mixed Reality education and exercise games to empower patients to get physically active on their own level, in a way that motivates them personally.

“We believe that our playful 3D mixed reality environment creates physical activity in patients in order to avoid unnecessary medical complications and loss of physical fitness.”