Program is running

The Kickstart Challenge was launched to celebrate the opening of Lab1891. A broad challenge directed towards startups with a Solution that has the potential to shape the future of the Dutch healthcare system by improving the quality of care or lower overall health system spending. Selected startups will participate in our Health Industry Readiness Program, a 6-months educational startup acceleration program with mentoring from the MSD network of experts. The program is intended to validate their Solutions and make them compliant for a possible industrial partnership.

Selected Startups


HoloMoves creates Mixed Reality education and exercise games for patients to empower them to get physically active on their own physical level, in a way that motivates them personally. We are a versatile team in which health care, business and development expertise finds each other. This enables us to build tailored Mixed Reality software in co-creation with health care providers. The three core values of our company are playful design, healthy behavior and empowerment.


Scinvivo is a MedTech startup on a mission to enable optical biopsy for bladder cancer diagnostics. We develop imaging catheters based on optical coherence tomography (OCT) that enables physicians to view high resolution cross-sectional images of the tissue and see exactly what is going on inside the bladder wall tissue. This way, urologist will finally have the tools they need to improve bladder cancer diagnosis.


MLA Diagnostics (MLA Dx) develops molecular diagnostic tests based on the biomarker LY75 (also named DC205 or CD-205). LY75 promotor methylation in tumor tissue of early stage melanoma patients is prognostic for high risk of developing advanced disease. MLA Dx will bring the LY75 prognostic test to market to support clinicians in providing treatment guidance for early-stage melanoma patients where this is not possible today.