Developed by:

The Calprotectine at home test is developed by the Norwegian company CALPRO. MSD co-developed the product and went into an agreement to deliver the at home test including its e-health technology.

What was the cause:

People with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) have chronic inflammation in the intestines. It is difficult to tell how the disease develops, there are quiet and active phases (flare-ups). Patients and practitioners need to monitor the disease in a non-invasive manner.

Calprotectin is a proprietary substance that the bowel secretes in the stools. If the bowel is inflamed, there will be more calprotectin in the stools. So, more inflammation, more calprotectin; less inflammation, less calprotectin. The amount of calprotectin is therefore a reliable measure of bowel disease activity1.

What was the purpose:

This means the following: if you regularly measure calprotectin, you can see a flare-up coming2. This is useful, as the doctor can then discuss any measures with the patient in a timely manner.

Which solution was developed:

Calprotectin levels can be measured in stools using the Calprotectin Home Test and its app. Through the app, calprotectin values are automatically routed to the care provider’s web portal. The monthly Calprotectin Home Test allows patients to measure their own calprotectin at home. The test thus helps the patient to manage his/her disease by understanding the disease activity.

1 KK Vinding et al., Inflamm Bowel Dis. 2016;22(2):336-344.
2 Tibble JA et al., Gastroenterology. 2000;119:15–22